In order to leverage Jerusalem’s competitive advantage in the life sciences, the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) established and funds BioJerusalem which operates as a one-stop center for life sciences entrepreneurs, companies and investors operating in Jerusalem. Our goal is to serve as the catalyst for the development of the life sciences industry in Jerusalem through creating value for the life sciences community in Jerusalem.

BioJerusalem’s broad brief is to promote business development and connectivity for the life sciences industry in Jerusalem by streamlining investments, as well as advising and assisting companies in the city throughout their various stages of growth.

We help provide a soft landing for companies that wish to move or establish themselves in Jerusalem by offering unique economic benefits offered only here, as well as assistance in finding suitable research labs and office space. BioJerusalem’s experience in working holistically with all parts of the local ecosystem allows them to link and connect key players in the city, whether from industry, academia or local government, and identify opportunities and unmet industry needs to provide vital help needed to launch supporting facilities and services.




The city’s flourishing life sciences industry has all of the elements needed to continue to succeed and grow. Cutting-edge research is carried out by world-class institutions such as The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center, whose knowledge base in the life and biomedical sciences is unrivaled. In addition, a highly skilled professional workforce, with over 1,800 students from the city’s academic institutions, graduates annually in the life sciences.

The city’s unique biomedical R&D infrastructure and platforms include state-of-the-art facilities, technology parks and research labs, such as Jerusalem BioPark, BioGiv, BioHouse and ALYNovation. These all contributed to the 2018 Global Startup Genome Report that singled out Jerusalem as “The heart of Israel’s life science and biotech innovation.” To date, over 150 companies operate in Jerusalem in all sectors of the life sciences, from medical devices to biopharma and digital health.