Jerusalem hosts a wide variety of events, including international forums and conferences, as well as professional technology meetups and business development hackathons. As much as we like to work hard, we also like to play hard, so Happy Hours also play an important role in our events calendar.

*Explore all the events at the Made in Jerusalem events’ calendar.

Here are featured events you really don’t want to miss:

  • HappyHourJLM: Meet the Har Hotzvim Giants @Regus + Community Pesach Toast
    15.04.2019 / Regus, Kiryat HaMada 3, Floor 3, Har Hotzvim
  • How I Built This With Zeev Farbman, CEO Lightricks
    03.04.2019 / Hustart-The Hebrew University Entrepreneurship
  • Want to know more about Product management? This event is for you!
    02.04.2019 / Shivtey Israel 22 - Jerusalem's Young Adults Center