Jerusalem is not just stones and stories. It is like no other place on earth. You can immediately sense the city’s unique energy and the atmosphere that surrounds it. History is around every corner, and inspiration can be felt everywhere. Alongside its incredible archaeological sites and rich historical culture, Jerusalem in recent years has evolved and is becoming a magnet for entrepreneurial activity and cutting-edge innovation. In just the past five years alone, the city has transformed itself into an exciting, globally-recognized innovation hub.




When entrepreneurs choose where they want to set up their company, they look for a place with a supportive ecosystem. Jerusalem is the home base for some of Israel’s most prominent companies, such as Mobileye, Orcam, Exlibris and Lightricks, as well as major investment funds such as JVP and OurCrowd. Jerusalem is proud of its world-wide leading academic and research institutions that include The Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Accelerators such as MassChallenge, Siftech and AtoBe have made their home in the city, and hundreds of community events and conferences are organized each year.

So why Jerusalem? With all that we have to offer, our USP is undoubtedly becoming one of the world’s most energetic, creative and diverse start-up communities. The city’s uniquely multicultural population creates a potent mix of brilliant minds, technology and the creative spirit for which we are rightly proud. Come and join us.